Join us for a cultural explosion of song, emotive drama and storytelling theatre.

Mary Prince 1831

'All Slaves want to be free.

To be free is very sweet.'

'We are encouraging audiences to engage with Mary's story, witness her feelings and hear her message' Amantha

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This solo show is written and performed by Amantha Edmead and co directed by John Sailsman and Euton Daley. They take the audience on a journey back through Mary's life looking at her story via her words, their imagings, ritual and song.

We are back at this years Offbeat festival on

Wednesday 27th June 6.30pm  Burton Taylor Studio with .......

Mary Prince, Her Story, Her Words and Me

When Mary's narrative was published back in 1831 it was viewed as shocking and ground breaking. It was the first narrative published telling the story of a female African slave. In 1833 the Abolition of Slavery Act was past in Britain and by 1838 it was implemented. Mary's story played a part.

400 years of slavery a life style choice?

Mary's story and her words prove that it was anything but.

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